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Two years ago, Apple bought the company I worked for at the time, Topsy Labs. On December 16, Apple finally shut down the Topsy product, after having discontinued its enterprise solution one year ago.With a real-time search engine covering the full archive of Twitter back to 2006, Topsy had the fastest and most complete coverage of the data on that social network. Many of us, from both inside and outside the social-marketing ecosystem, will miss its existence — the free tool was simple and elegant, and it had a blisteringly fast speed to insight.-like sketch comedy show, to work out his issues over his breakup with actress Kristin Chenoweth.The show had other problems, too, including an overwhelming sense of self-importance, but the tension between the show-within-a-show's lead actress Harriet Hayes (Sarah Paulson) and head writer Matt Albie (Matthew Perry) was soggy, rather than sizzling.He finds a pack of fruit snacks and tears into them, never once glancing up from his phone.

She's got her own agenda, she's flawed but powerful, she's funny, she's independent and she's nobody's fool.

They are purely my thoughts based on my experience preacquisition and insights gleaned from the social-marketing ecosystem. The company joined Twitter in 2011, and it has yet to tweet a single time.

Topsy made a name for itself as the fastest, most complete compendium of Twitter data available to both individual users and enterprise social marketers. What many people inside the industry (and almost everyone outside of it) didn't understand in 2013 is that Apple didn't buy Topsy for its Twitter data; what it bought was an architecture and framework for extremely fast, eminently scalable search and indexing functionality.

“Olivia was just dragging him down like an anchor,” the source claimed, referencing reports that she was at the center of a feud with his estranged family.

Now, “He is working on repairing his relationship with his family,” the source said.

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