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COM is a dating site dedicated to Jewish singles from all over the world; people from Israel, from the USA, from Russia, France, Canada or from the UK for example. COM is devoted to "serious" introductions with a view to finding love, but also simply to chat amongst friends. Our unique approach in creating a Jewish dating site has resulted in many Success Stories.We blend cutting edge technology with our unique human touch, to create an online Jewish community like no other Jewish dating sites.Demand Columbia U Fight On-Campus Anti-Semitism Kansas Becomes Most Recent State to Pass Anti-BDS Legislation Israel Appoints First-Ever Arab Female to Serve as Diplomat Barkat Cancels San Francisco Campus Event, Citing Anti-Israel Incitement Bordering on Anti-Semitism VIEW ALL LATEST NEWS Passover All articles More in Passover WATCH: ‘La La Land’ Musical Parody for Passsover Y-Studs is back with a new musical video for Passover, based on La La Land's 'Another Day of Sun.' WATCH: A Passover Horeseradish Explosion!Passover and the Importance of Jewish Unity A Lesson from Pharaoh: Don’t Judge a Person at Face Value WATCH: Why this Passover Video is Different from All Others Latest Videos All Videos More in Videos WATCH: A Passover Horeseradish Explosion!

האתר ממומן על-ידי מפרסמים, לכן שירותי ההיכרויות והצ'אט באתר ניתנים בחינם!It gets 60% of its traffic from the united states . Demand Columbia U Fight On-Campus Anti-Semitism Rivlin: Israel Will ‘Do All it Can’ to Aid Survivors of Syrian Gas Attack Anti-Semitism Rises to Highest Level at Columbia University in 2016 Plant Fruit Trees in Israel – Beautify the Land!Barkat Cancels San Francisco Campus Event, Citing Anti-Israel Incitement Bordering on Anti-Semitism Rockets Into Roses Saudis Rank 3 Israeli Universities Among World’s Top 10 Sign the Jerusalem Declaration UK Labour Party Suspends but Fails to Expel Livingstone over Anti-Jewish Remarks Petition: Stop Funding the Palestinian Authority Latest Israel News VIEW ALL Palestinian Terrorist Murders IDF Soldier in Samaria Car-Ramming Terror Attack 484 Palestinian Terrorist Prisoners Getting Degrees in Israeli Prisons ACT NOW!Keywords: israel news, Israel aliyah,united with israel,israeli palestinian conflict,support israel,aid israel,pro israel,israel activism,stand with israel,torah portion,dvar torah,torah scroll,judaism ranked 7 in the world (amongst the 30 million domains). Support Israel | Latest Israel News Today United with Israel Home Join Espa?

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