Dating friendship personals

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I'm 40s Professional, born here but working aboard.

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After a great meal and drinks, our hosts started dancing to an Anne Murray album so Nancy and I followed suit dancing very close when on came the lyrics, ‘Could I have this dance for the rest of my life… ’ Nancy jumped out of my car, and we both headed to our own separate apartments. However, we didn’t actually sleep together until a while later. We just had our 10th wedding anniversary.” —Bill, 46, Thousand Oaks, CA Love lesson: Having a “play date” can lead to the real thing.

All of this comes together to form a relationship that is both functional and exciting, the perfect recipe for a partnership that lasts.

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to be your partner in bed every night.’ I felt Nancy just melting into my arms. The evening ended and I drove her back to her car, leaning over to give her our usual peck-and-part kiss, only this time our lips locked for about five long seconds. Interested in shifting from friendship to courtship? Another twosome could set the stage for you pairing off in a more romantic way.

“Most people are influenced by their surroundings, and environment can play an important part in creating romantic interest,” says Dr. “If you’ve ever gone out with a couple who are in love, just being around these two lovebirds can serve as a catalyst or suggest to your friend that there might be more than just friendship in the mix for the two of you.” Plus, when you go out with another couple — even if you’re just friends — it becomes a de facto double date.

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