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In a world that is always in a state of war, finding cheap soldiers such as our extremists is rare.They therefore insist Egypt seize this opportunity and hire them up, for money of course, so they bring EPRDF and the dam down. They go back in times and lecture history so that the Egyptians do no repeat mistakes they made with past Ethiopian rulers.The Grand Renaissance Dam has been a hot bed for many arguments, pro and against, not only among countries who are directly affected but also among Ethiopians since the beginning of its construction.Understandably, one would not feel insulted if countries that claim to have entitlement, however de facto, argue against the dam because their privilege is now contested.n the last 10 days persecution of Ethiopian migrant workers in Saudi Arabia has escalated.Men and women are forced from their homes by mobs of civilians and dragged through the streets of Riyadh and Jeddah.The fastest way to bring the Woyanne junta that is ruling Ethiopia to its knees is for Egypt to start a dialogue with Ethiopian opposition groups (the pro-Ethiopian unity ones; not the secessionists) with the goal of reaching an agreement on Nile river that is mutually beneficial to both Ethiopia and Egypt.

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What is insulting is however when one hears the very same tone from people who identify themselves as Ethiopians. Crocodile tears aside, it is not for Ethiopia’s advantages, definitely not for the people.

One would even be accommodating if such concern and opposition came from a visible problem the dam poses, a drastic environmental damage for example. They are only after their power, after their interests and their “buy us” ad Ethiopian Review posted, on June 6, 2013, on behalf of Ethiopian extremists indicates, that is all there is: “Egypt doesn’t need to launch a military strike against the Woyanne junta, although from an Ethiopian point of view, that would be great.

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