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A bunch of us is goin' out ta the lake tammara, wanna go? He hadn't said anything to anyone, but he was sweet on her.

" Tammy said when Billy answered the phone."I cain't. And he took every opportunity he could to be with her. The family farm had to be plowed so it could be planted before it got too late in the season.

Billy was glum - he would have loved to have gone swimming with his friends and especially with Tammy.

woulda been a good day fer swimmin'," Tammy said."Yeah, but Pa'll skin me alive if'n I don' git the plowin' done," Billy said. We'll go swimmin' 'nother time.""Well, don' figger it'll be much fun if'n you ain't there, but awl right. I may come by ta see ya after we gets back," Tammy said."I won't," he said, then hung up the phone.

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