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Bob and Otto, by Robert Bruel At first I thought this book was a rehash of the same old story of caterpillars who turn into butterflies.

But it turned into a lovely lesson for Bob’s friend Otto the worm, who doesn’t change at all but spends all his time digging tunnels. by Mo Willems You won’t want to miss the Elephant and Piggie books, an easy reader series that’s both funny and accessible for beginning readers.

I admit that Frances books bored me when I was a kid, but I enjoy them now.

My daughter (6) likes to read these herself, but my preschool boys don’t reach for books.

So they come up with a plan to stop the creep once and for all.

I've been sick all this time and I finally recovered! Haha, and here it is my lovely readers, the moment you have all been waiting for.

It is call "It Started With a Kiss." It is about a girl in F class that falls in love with an A class boy. Once, she decided to tell him she likes him but was rejected. :) I have watched all 3 versions of Itazura Na Kiss available on Netflix (the Japanese, Taiwanese, and Korean versions) This one is the best out of all of them hands down. I really wanted to like the Japanese version but it was just okay. He says, at one point, that he wasn't going to change for her but he sleeps with the light on, helps her to study, helps her to cook the tennis team dinner, etc. How many times i watch this movie this is ever nice movie a watch...couple ever.. While I didn't think it was as good, it was a decent show. 3 : sung joo didnot look like he loves o hani and it was like he was forced to marry with her !! It's also a puzzle that after such a successful show, the female lead, So-Min hasn't had any new projects, either, not even a cameo in a movie.

Hunter’s friend Stripe is always being naughty at school and encouraging Hunter to join right in.

jung hye young i love u smile mom you so good jung hye. and the heroin is damn cute and Kim him is obviously amazing !!!! i dont even wanna start with the WORST ACTING and either this must be a written by a girl who is a MASOCHIST or guy who is a SADIST and sure of it.. Of course, for all the flack Baek Eun Jo gave to Oh Ha Ni about being so stupid and not wanting to marry a girl like her, he should end up with a girl like her. her natural charm and charisma made Oh Ha-Ni a very likeable character.... : DD i got lots of friends of mine who watched the drama they really got impressed but unfortunately they asking if there's any season 2 what if ?! NA n ave downloaded da song called "SISTAR" by 1 more song 2 download but i dont know the name of it....sung by a male (not kim hyung joon)....any1 know wot its called???? thx...the best romantic comedy drama film i've seen...not like any of the other one's which ave seen b4....behind the scenes is soooo funny...u guys shud watch it...worth watching....

I watched this version first and then the Japanese version.

Eventually Hunter learns that he can do the right thing and still be Stripe’s friend — Stripe might even follows his example!

Best Friends for Frances, by Russell Hoban This classic story (1969) about friendship may get a little long for young listeners – but the plot of fickle friendships is timeless.

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