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1 February 2011Megan goes to a scene wherein a couple were killed.She meets Detectives Morris and Baker who believe it's a murder suicide because the man has the gun in his hand.

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Hartley has starred in quite the lineup of television shows, including co-star Lindsay Korman from 2004 to 2012 with whom he has a 12-year-old daughter.

Megan's investigation takes her out in the field where she meets old-school cop Detective Bud Morris, who is exasperated by Megan's tenacity and bull-headedness."All the people were talking about was your butt last week, usually that's my job," Cyrus says at the top of her chat with the actor.

I never show my dad my music videos," Miley then asks."I think only once I sat next to my mother at a movie premiere and I said, 'Hey mom, I'm so sorry for everything you're about to see,'" replies Milo.

Bunn, 29, stepped out publicly with All My Children soap actress Chrishell Stause, 26, ...

Stause took to Instagram to announce the news, posting a photo of herself lounging in the sun with a diamond ring on her finger with the caption, "You guys think I need [email protected]" Editor's Note: We're thinking with that kind of bling and light reflection, yes, she does!

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