Large intimidating dogs

The human shepherd would in many cases come to the guard dog's aid with a weapon, not letting the dog fend for itself.

The following breeds are the best at watch dog barking: If the risk is from human intruders, a suitable dog can be simply trained to be aggressive towards unrecognized humans and then tethered or enclosed unsupervised in an area the owner wishes to protect when he is not around (such as at night); the stereotypical "junkyard dog" is a common example of this.

A guard dog or watch dog (not to be confused with the attack dog) is a dog used to guard against, and watch for unwanted or unexpected people or animals.

The dog is discriminating so that it does not annoy or attack familiar people.

This German Mastiff is widely known for its overwhelming size, but the breed is considered to be one of the “gentle giants” of the dog world.

Great Danes are very social dogs and are even known to be friendly towards other animals, including cats.

Daily exercise will keep them in a more relaxed mood, although they will never lose their guarding instinct.

They are different from the smaller watchdogs in that they do not continue barking, they take action.It’s hard not to feel a little frightened by Great Danes, which stand at around thirty inches and weigh as much as 160 pounds on average.But personality-wise, they’re affectionate, great around kids, usually good with other animals, and generally sweet-natured.Berners, as they’re lovingly called, are very gentle, considerate dogs.The Bullmastiff is a large, very imposing guardian breed.

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