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so me and the girl became best friends and i told her bout my crush..

but where i come from, in college you spend the same classes with the same class mates evryday, so every day, for evry class i see my crush.. and we became friends really close friends and before we became friends, i kinda notice my crush trying to be friends with her but it seemed that they were only trying to be friends so i didn't bother.

My "best friend" Nicole and I became roommates after the love of my life broke my heart. My "best friend" Nicole and I became roommates after the love of my life broke my heart. When I brought Nicole back home with me, after crush-gushing about how cute he was, etc.. She apologized profusely and said she just had a moment of fun, and wasn't emotionally interested in him. The "best friend" and I only see each other a few times. He's physically different- much more buff, since he'd been in the armed forces, but.. He's the same goofy jokester he'd always been. i didn't know what to do coz i had no right to cry, after all it was only a crush, but i couldn't help myself but just tell my friend and she said "i'd rather choose you over him, you are my one of my best friends after all" not the exact words but you get my point.. the great thing is that she kept her word, i kinda felt stupid because i seemed pathetic and desperate but hey i was hurt! anyways, what i'm saying is that, my friend was really a great friend, she didn't break her promise and she respected my feelings..

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I admittedly have no proof that these two are sleeping with each other. She just started dating this guy in my class whom I have had a secret crush on for almost two years now.I fake smiles and act all happy in front of them, but inside I’m so sad. I want to get him so much that sometimes I cry endlessly.Or in other words, they're not a couple due to your hesitation.They're a couple because they like each other; whether or not you missed the chance to date this girl yourself is beside the point, and more than that, it's a mystery.

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