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Victoria had poker straight hair in the early years of the Spice Girls, but cut it into a short pixie crop in 1998 after announcing that she was pregnant with her first son, Brooklyn. Posh and Becks were ' It' couple; the fashion inspiration for men and women everywhere, fashion which was, looking back, very of its time.Short spikey hair, leather, his and hers ensembles and skimpy tops were staples for Victoria in the early years of their relationship.

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It’s official: Chloë Grace Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham are an item.

, and when she married footballer David Beckham (with whom she has four children) they were internationally known as ' Posh and Becks' (nicknames that have stuck).

Since the 90s Victoria has trialled a short-lived solo career, reunited with (and then broke apart from) the Spice Girls, lead a parade of stylish WAGs through the mid-noughties and then made a successful foray into the fashion world as a well-respected and well-connected designer.

Victoria is wearing a nude bodysuit and has a pixie cut that's looks like Meg Ryan's hair in after Cruella de Vil gives it a makeover. Ahead, take a look at some of their best — and most perfectly coordinated — ensembles.

Please note the most important takeaway of dating/marrying Victoria Beckham: If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my trends.

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