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Alvin Johnson (Nick Cannon) is an extremely intelligent nerd under consideration for a General Motors scholarship, as he is skilled in designing engines.

He has also taken up a job as a pool cleaner, to raise money to buy an expensive car part.

Alvin uses money he had saved all summer for his project, jeopardizing his scholarship.

After a few missteps, Alvin begins to integrate himself with the popular crowd.

And by doing so they provide people like us the ability to laugh at their expense.

For that, we thank them and celebrate the worst tattoos of all time.

Michelle Dewberry raged as political campaigner June Sarpong suggested the “whole” of the Brexit debate was not put to the people.

Speaking on Sky News’ The Pledge, Miss Sarpong insisted that issues surrounding the single market and customs union were not debated. “That wasn't what was debated.”Miss Sarpong added that Brexit is a “really complex issue” before Miss Dewberry pulled out an EU referendum ballot paper.

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