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It may not be as hard as you think, says Cheryl Alkon, author of Balancing Pregnancy With Pre-Existing Diabetes. Before starting a family, check out these 7 tips that can help you ace diabetes management and have a healthy pregnancy.

If you're thinking about getting pregnant, you need to kick bad habits (like smoking), lose weight (if you're overweight), and take prenatal vitamins.

Medications that stimulate ovulation, such as Clomid and Serophene, can help.

So how do you handle a demanding disease and pregnancy?When I was about 10 years old, my 15-year-old sister found out she was pregnant.It was difficult for me to understand what was going on, but I did.These are the latest updates on the beloved giraffe as she prepares to give birth to her fourth calf at the zoo in upstate New York. BST April, like any good TV star, knows where the camera is and lifts her head to say hello to everyone watching, could this be the day?

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