Updating sql database from an array

So, declaring the array size or number of dimensions in To write an array value as a literal constant, enclose the element values within curly braces and separate them by commas.(If you know C, this is not unlike the C syntax for initializing structures.) You can put double quotes around any element value, and must do so if it contains commas or curly braces.The Yii Query Builder provides an object-oriented way of writing SQL statements.It allows developers to use class methods and properties to specify individual parts of a SQL statement.

The query builder provides a set of methods to build individual parts of a SELECT statement.Because all these methods return the CDb Command instance, we can call them using method chaining, as shown in the example at the beginning of this section.In the following, we explain how to use these query builder methods.Starting with Silver Stripe 3, records in collections are lazy loaded, and these collections have the ability to run efficient SQL such as counts or returning a single column. These both have similar aspects in that they can modify content in the database, but each are different in the way in which they behave.Previously, similar operations could be performed by using the In addition to assigning values, the SQLInsert object also supports multi-row inserts.

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