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Each person is given a number, and at the end of each interval, we shall ring a bell and participants to move on to your next date.

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Well, we do, and we are inviting 8 teams to participate in our first annual BASEketball tournament.

To continue our theme of love in the shadows of Mardi Gras we shall be adding something new to the Voodoo Carnival this year . Based on your preferences, men and women are rotated to meet each other over a series of short “dates” lasting about five minutes; conversation starter questions will be provided at each spot.

There is NO extra charge, this is free to all who all who have a ticket. and while we can’t guarantee romance, we can certainly introduce you to some great people with common interests. this is just for admin usage, NO information will given out without your consent.

The team boasts a cast iron track record of success and a reputation that matches, should you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

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