Who is jon heder dating

When you think celebrity twins, you undoubtedly think of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen first, followed perhaps by Tia and Tamera Mowry or Joel and Benji Madden.There are a bunch of others you probably don't know about, however.Their videos earned them A-pluses and extra credit.Will Ferrell and Jon Heder take to the ice in the figure skating comedy Blades of Glory directed by Will Speck & Josh Gordon (the team behind the Geico caveman commercials).Music video titled Ledge Of Love (fan video) directed by Jon Huertas and song by him.It was inspired by the journey of Castle & Beckett -- "Caskett", the television series Castle which Huertas co-star on. Many of his TV and movie credits are of characters with active or past Marine background: Ramirez, a Marine Recon Sniper Spotter in JAG, Recon Marine Sergeant Espera in Generation Kill, Homicide NYPD Detective Javier Esposito in Castle, retired Marine Sergeant Jack Kale in NCIS.Ferrell and Heder play rivals who discover there's a loophole in their lifetime bans from single's skating competitions.Teaming up, the twosome become the first male/male figure skating pair in the history of the sport.

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While iconic movie character Napoleon Dynamite might have found it awkward to talk to a roomful of business leaders, his portrayer, Jon Heder, definitely does not.

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