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Voice Changer Software Diamond 7.0 is the latest edition in the VOICE CHANGER SOFTWARE series which is dedicated to voice changing and voice manipulating for online and local computer-based programs.

September 28th, Blizzard had voice chat running on a very small list of realms since 7pm the previous night and was actively monitoring them.Follow this guide and learn the methods from me to drive Ventrilo admins crazy (I should know, I admin a vent) The best way to reverse a permaban from a Ventrilo server is to use a proxy or VPN (virtual private network).Fortunately, there is a program that will generate a random IP for you over a VPN in just one click!FOR EXAMPLE: One day, Aphel was minding his own business when 2dgreengiant signed onto his Ventrilo server.Knowing that the 2dgreengiant was a most savage individual, Aphel banned him from the server preemptively.

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